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Secrets To A Satisfying Sex Life is a real-time opportunity to learn about yourself and what you are looking for in a partner. We teach you how to attract and get more of what you want in your sex life.


Tantra Speed Dating

Tired of swiping and awkward first dates?

Come to meet mindful singles at our Tantra Yoga-inspired dating event.
Our authentic and playful exercises will bring out your best self so you can get to know your dates in a real way.

You’ll share a few moments of connection with each date in a traditional Puja circle. Exercises are fun and PG-rated (communication games, actor’s improv, partner yoga, dance, etc.), and of course, you’re always in charge of how you want to participate.

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Secrets To A Satisfying Sex Life

Is one of your New Year resolutions to have a hot dating life on your terms?  Maybe you have read books or perhaps gone to an evening presentation or two, and there is no one to ask questions.  Or maybe you struggle with shame of not really being in touch with your desires.

With this workshop, you will come away with breakthrough insights and hands-on experience that put you in touch with your desires and the skills needed to create what you have been craving.


What they say about us

Deborah's soft delivery of a subject that appears to be so hard-hitting made the information easy to digest and accept. At the end of her talk on BDSM, Kink and love, my perspective had shifted.

Te-Erika Patterson, Founder, Alternative Love Conference,

I enjoyed taking classes with Deborah so much. Seeing and hearing about her example of a desire/pleasure-filled life was simply inspiring. I loved her way of explaining valuable tools is basic clear ways. I am coming away from working with her with having easily integrated a few of these into my daily life. Keep shining bright Deborah star!

Sarita Brown,

Deborah helped me gain confidence, and this has helped me tremendously in overcoming my problem with "Creepy Guy". I have seen much better reception from the women I've been sensual with since working with Deborah.

M Brown,

Before working with Deborah, I'd been nursing a broken heart for over a year. Every time I ran into my heartbreaker after he dumped me was painful, if not excruciating. Though I dated a lot of other people (like 30?) and had a few flings, I couldn't quite let myself fall in love again. It didn't feel safe. When Deborah said that she specialized in healing broken hearts, I knew I had to work with her, and she worked like magic! After only 3 sessions over about a month, I was able to let go enough so as to have pleasant encounters with my ex, AND I found a new primary partner-- these were my exact intentions when we began our work together. I'm so grateful to be in love again, and I have a secondary partner to boot! I even had a healing conversation with my ex's new girlfriend last week. It was a little uncomfortable to hear that they've moved in together, but I'm sure that without the work I did with Deborah, it would've been extremely upsetting. Since we achieved my goals so quickly and I'd prepaid for additional sessions, we got to work through other challenges too. Deborah brought a variety of helpful mental, physical, and spiritual tools and techniques. I feel very safe with her, and really appreciate the space she provides for emotions. So if you want to heal your broken heart or work through most any difficult situation in your life, I highly recommend Deborah.


Before I say anything else, please let me start by saying THANK YOU! Nothing Linda and I have done over the last several years has brought us closer together than the time we spent with you last Saturday. Your tenderness to her brought her to tears and helped us share things about ourselves that we have never done before. While I thought Tantra had some good elements, I didn't realize how powerful and effective it could be. Before we met, you asked what would "satisfy" me. I told you that I wasn't sure, but that I didn't think Tantra would be very satisfying. I was wrong. Looking into each other's eyes and the touching exercises we did together, under your direction, still move us both powerfully, even though we did them almost a week ago.

Linda and Joshua,