Does any of this sound familiar?


  • You don’t have AS MUCH sex as you want
  • The sex you DO have is not as “sexy” as you believe is possible
  • What intimacy you have is nice, but it’s over too quickly or doesn’t go as far as you’d like
  • You want more orgasms and yummier orgasms but aren’t sure how
  • You think everyone is having better sex than you, so something must be wrong
  • You wonder if your sex life will ever fulfill your fantasies

You are not alone.


I’ve heard these worries time and again from clients who have all but given up on the idea of having a fantastic sex life.

Did you know this is something that you can change?


I know it’s easy to believe that you are broken, undesirable, weird or just not a sexual person.


You may think that you’re not attractive enough, connected enough, or sexy at all.


I want you to know: That’s not true.


I believe that ANYONE (yes, including you) can have the delicious, juicy sex and intimacy that you are craving.


The truth is that it takes some learning to turn yourself “on” and then become the Masterful Lover you have always fantasized about.


But here’s the deal… we don’t learn these things in the general course of life, do we?


Have you ever been at the dinner table and had a conversation about sex? No.


Did you ever learn how to please a lover and get what you want in return during a high school sex-ed class?  Probably not


Did your first partner show you exactly how to be an incredible lover and have amazing orgasms? I doubt it.


You see, in today’s world, you’ve either got the internet– with it’s myths, bad porn and mixed information or a pile of inexperience (yours or your friends’) to learn about sex and intimacy.


That hasn’t worked so well, has it?




With the support of a skilled expert who won’t flinch, blush, or run away from your most embarrassing questions, you really can learn how to be that Masterful Lover that you have always fantasized about.

That’s where I come in…


Over the last 20 years I have worked with hundreds of singles and couples on their sex life.  Together, we have cleared out the sexual skeletons in their closet so they can have not just satisfying….. but spectacular sex (whatever that looks like to them.)


This is work that I love. And honestly, this is my greatest gift: to create a non-judgmental space for you to dance with your sexual demons, align with your deepest sexual desires and create the juicy, passionate sex life you want.


My story didn’t start off this way…
I’ve always been a sensual person but growing up, I was told the mixed message that sex is wonderful but it will kill you. I was told that you have to be in some kind of a relationship in order to have sex.


Do these stories sound familiar?


Because of that story, more than once I found myself in longer relationships than I wanted– just to feed my desire for sex. But, doing relationships that way doesn’t really work. After one particularly unpleasant breakup, I found myself devastated, curled up in a ball unable to function.


That was the moment I decided: Deb, it’s time to learn how to do sex on MY TERMS.

So, I started to explore…


I read anything and everything I could find on sex & dating (this was before the internet was a thing) and eventually found myself in classes with all kinds of mentors and teachers who would openly talk about sex and answer many of the things I was wondering.


From there I dove deeper into becoming a teacher myself with certifications in three different Tantra methods, as a Bondassage Trainer and an Orgasmic Meditation Coach.

Now, I get bring the thousands of hours I’ve spent in trainings, classes and bedrooms (as well as other fun spots!) to you so that you can have the support and safety you need to explore, have fun and enjoy a juicy sex life. That’s why I created

“Secrets To A Satisfying Sex Life”


so that YOU can become the Masterful Lover you have always fantasized about!


This 4-week online course is the perfect place to get started on a path to improve your sex life through a fun, supportive experience in the privacy and comfort of your own home.


Each week we will cover a different topic:

Week 1: Clean out the old ideas about sex

In order to bring in MORE juicy sex and different ideas on what that looks like, you first need to make some ‘room’.  To do that you will:

  • Throw open your sexual closet and take a look at the ideas, thoughts & myths inside
  • Release those stories about sex and intimacy that don’t feel right or fit you anymore.
  • Re-Discover any old desires and turn-onsyou may want to keep and carry forward

Week 2: What do you desire?

Now that you’ve made some space, it’s time to fill it with all of the juicy, yummy desires that make up the sex life you ideally want to have.  In this week you will:

  • Tap into your deep desires around relationships, intimacy and sex
  • Identify your clear “yes’s” so that you can better enjoy exactly what you want
  • No longer fall into the trap of settling for less than what you want with a partner

Week 3: Your Personal Sexual Guide Book

Once you know your desired destination, the next question is of course: “how do I get there?”  In this week, you will start to create your own personal Sexual Guide Book so that you can:

  • Comfortably tell a partner exactly how you like to be wooed and share physical intimacy
  • Easily have important conversations in ways that bring you closer together
  • Know your “no’s” and share them in so that they are honored & respected
  • Keep your disagreements ‘clean’ and your sex….. dirty! 

Week 4:  Get Juicy in the Bedroom

Now that you have cleared space, identified your big desires and learned how to get those met, it’s time to get to some nitty-gritty.

This week’s session is anopen Q&A Coaching Session where you can ask all the questions you’ve been dying to ask but had no one to answer.

What’s that thing you want to know about that makes you blush to think of?

 Secrets to a Satisfying Sex Life
Begins on October 8th

This 4-week ONLINE course is $97 (valued at $497)

As a lover, a partner, and someone who enjoys physical connection, you can have the satisfying sex life that you’ve only privately imagined so far!

Is now the time to turn your imagination into reality?

If yes, my gift to you now is to enjoy this course for $97

In case you were wondering…


This is for you if:

  • You have lost your sex drive and don’t know where to find it
  • Your sex life matches that of your grandmother (or at least you think so)
  • You and your partner are looking to liven things up and deepen your connection
  • You are willing to be open, raw, vulnerable and honest with yourself and eventually a partner
  • You long for the juicy, fun, turned-on sex life you crave


Is now the time to end your boring or non-existent sex life?


I really want your fantasies to become your everyday reality and I know that these 4-weeks are the beginning of you having that.


That’s why I’m offering this at an 80% discount.


Join me in Secrets to a Satisfying Sex Life and discover for yourself what might be possible when you tap into the juicy, masterful lover you can be.


What the world needs now is happy, satisfied turned-on people. Let’s get started together.


With Love,