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She Said "NO" and I am Celebrating   Are you afraid of hearing a ‘No’ when you ask a woman out?  I do everything I can to avoid getting a ‘no’ also.  How does it feel to put all that effort into avoiding the rejection?  It takes a lot

Wow, I spent the day in San Francisco  (the town I was born) at the Folsom Street Fair.  The first Folsom Street Fair, in 1984, was a protest of the redevelopment of the neighborhood of SoMa’s “Miracle Mile”-- a strip of over 30 clubs, leather bars, bathhouses,

Have you ever had a dating experience, where the online profile or even initial conversation totally seemed like: “Oh, my god.  This is the woman of my dreams!  Ideal and matches my criteria in all ways!”  And then you go on a first date (or maybe second)