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Endless Possibilities

Wow, I spent the day in San Francisco  (the town I was born) at the Folsom Street Fair.  The first Folsom Street Fair, in 1984, was a protest of the redevelopment of the neighborhood of SoMa’s “Miracle Mile”– a strip of over 30 clubs, leather bars, bathhouses, and merchants. Now over 30 years later, the event is a celebration of fun, sex, and kink culture with huge crowds showing up to strut their stuff.


There is certainly something to be said about being in the center of 50,000 people letting down their guard to allow the world to see what is usually kept hidden.  Everything can be seen, from scantily covered women to people covered head to toe in everything– rubber to lace to fur.  Not only that, every type of person is there– bodies of all shapes, sizes, and gender configurations gaily displayed for their own enjoyment and that of others. At Folsom Street Fair, there is a sense of aliveness or “TurnOn” that comes with pushing against taboos and stretching personal edges. And, that level of vitality looks good on everyone!


This year at the Fair, I was included in a posse with 2 delightful half-naked models, two cabana boys, three photographers, and a wrangler.  As you can imagine, it could be uncomfortable in that situation with three photographers documenting everything and in the past when looking at the pictures of myself, my inner critic would be the one in charge showing me the “flaws” in myself. However, this time, looking at the pictures, what I am must be struck by is the fun and joy on my face.  WOW! And, from that shift of view, I now have learned to look for the fun and sexy not just in myself but in those around me. And, let me tell you – seeing the fun and sexy in everything is WAY more enjoyable than seeing the flaws.


I want that experience for you, too.  When you give your inner critic the day off and allow yourself some unabashed playful curiosity…. the possibilities are endless!


Here’s to celebrating some sexy fun!

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